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Integrated COW System

On the demand of serving large festivals and events where concentrated thousands of people in specific area at a peak time, is a big challenge for network operators.

With the high volume of traffic in these areas, the surrounding base stations must be able to temporarily accommodate the service. In addition, the operator also utilizes the Cell On Wheel (COW) mobile broadcast vehicle solution with high configuration for the purpose of serving subscribers during the event to avoid service congestion.

However, preparation of this solution encountered some difficulties when the number of devices from many vendors on the vehicle and the high configuration, required multiple devices to be paired to installing on the antenna.

For one COW always integrates various vendors with different 3G/4G and 5G technologies and sector depending on each coverage location and no of subscriber.

Integrated COW System

As the current method by sharing the same antenna, devices such as Hybrid Coupler, Diplexer and Combiner will be installed on cable ladders or hung on empty positions inside COQ. When it is required to replace configuration or vendor plug, the installation work spends much time, besides, the assembly process may occur errors related to VSWR and cross-cell. As the number of Cells increases, the number of devices needed increases correspondingly, while the space in the cabinet gets tighter.

Tamagawa is offering an integrated solution building in a module with all Vendors together. When it is deployed, users shall save a lot of time when installing.

The device is designed with a size of 1-2U mounted on a 19inch. rack

Integrated COW System
Integrated COW System

input module

Output Module

Frequency 1710-1880MHz 2300-2600 MHz
VSWR   1.3
Isolation   50dB min
PIMD   -153 dBc
Average Power   CW200W
Frequency 700-2700MHz
VSWR 1.3
PIMD -153 dBc
Impedance 50 Ohm
Average Power CW200W

Integrated COW System

Block diagram

Integrated COW System

Installation on rack

The benefits of this solution are to bring fast adaptability, low loss, low investment, high durability, easy upgrade.