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Outdoor Low lost Coupler

At the present time, at urban area of big cities, the number of Base Station (BS) is increasingly dense make high destiny. when the number of people to live and work in cities. In addition to changing and upgrading infrastructure such as high buildings, trees, and growing apartments, telecommunications infrastructure must meet this demand as well.


With the temporary option, operator must increase the hardware by increasing the sector.

Outdoor Lowlost Coupler
Figure . 3 sectors deployed by 3 RRU

But to provide a new BS requires careful calculation of investment and return on investment (ROI). Technical design, backhaul transmission must be safe for networks and users. Network operators will build a new BS, but the coverage area needed is really very small and low capacity, if developing a BS with 3 sectors, it will need more materials and waste of RF power


The solution outlined here is to divide the RF power of 1 cell into many different cells with the same power budget and the low insertion loss.


This can split 1 cell RF power into 2 or 3 cells with the same power. Thus, we can use full spec of BS and will be no waste of capacity of 1cell.


Outdoor Lowlost Coupler
Figure 2. 3 sectors deployed by 1 RRU and low loss coupler

With this installation, the operator only needs to invest a small amount of cost including: jumper, low loss coupler, but can ensure the ROI time, clear customers complain, full advantage of technical infrastructure.

The product designed with low loss coupler meets the outdoor IP65 standard, for easy installation close to the antenna