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Whole in  in-building or indoor  coverage area where are requested for simplified  RF design and selection of equipment because of those area always are required less expensive maintenance ,faster installations and actions.

But there are a number of coverage areas that are highly density, requiring the integration of multiple coverage at the same areas, It also needs to operate for long-term service. Besides number of operators and number of subscribers require high quality to the all of equipment and devices which are used in.

The service areas mentioned as above are covered to underground including subway stations, railway tracks, underground complexes.

A typical metro project is a combination of a mobile communication system with feeders along the subway track, train stations, associated shopping centers and buildings through inside building to the entrance

We call this type of combination is “specific coverage”. It continuously requires upgrading to another telecom generation system when the technology will have been changed.

End-to-end passive components such as feeder, coupler, splitter, antenna need to be supported with full range frequencies so that in addition to serving the current frequencies, they must also be planned upgrading system,

To combine the several frequencies to one or two feeders with using these components, that are applied to these particular coverage areas, they are needed to be designed flexibly with slots type of unit or modular unit for easy replacement or additional modular unit for upgrading.

Tamagawa would like to introduce a 100% passive Modular combiner/POI solution for these coverage areas.



The Modular combiner/POI unit is designed with 19” or ETSI rack cabinet, including horizon and vertical slots. These slots will allow modules according to each frequency to be attached, by using the modular the modules will connect to each other via low PIM jumper cables. The system will be divided into 2 parts.

– The input  and the output part.

The output part is designed to support the full range from 700-2600MHz (for the future extension, we can customize up to 4500MHz according to customer’s


The number of input port as the figure shows to develop several frequency interfaces flexibly and independently in accordance with customer needs.

Number of slot or modular units which you can easily add or reduce or replace without changing the output parts.

In addition to, when replacing one of slots or modules, the other modules still normally work, As a result, no other operators will be interrupted when changing  the slots or modules to remaining operators’ channels.

People who would like to cut the expenditure of infrastructure,

This Modular POI is good benefit for the operators.