May 25, 2021

2.3-2.6/3.4-3.6GHz Combiner


Quadruplexer Combiner is consist of 4 dual duplexer that shares 2 frequencies

The product covers with WCS 2300, IMT 2600 and TDD3600 for LTE/5G System. It is equipped 2 output ports and 4 input ports and waterproof function

This document defines objective specification for a family of 2305-2673MHz / 3400-3600MHz

The purpose of the Product is to combine or separate two frequency bands into or out from a common feeder cable


Cellular outdoor

Electronical characteristics   
No.Port (a,c,e,g)Port (b,d,f,h)
1Frequency Band2305~2673MHz3400~3600MHz
2Insertion Loss0.2 dB max0.2 dB max
3V.S.W.R1.25 max
4Attenuation60dBmin @3400~3600MHz60dBmin @2305~2673MHz
5Impedance50Ω All ports
6DC Pass3A, 30VNon
7Passive Intermodulation -160dBc CW 2x43dbm
8Average Maximum PowerCW 200W
Mechanical characteristics
9Dimensions186x140x102.2mm ( Width x Depth x height)
10Connector4.3-10 DIN-Female 4 input and 2output ports
11MountingWall or Poll bracket
12ColorIvory (T-303)
Environmental characteristics
13Operating Temperature-20 to +85°C
14Relative Humidity0~98% ~35 °C non-condensing
15Waterproofing ClassIP67
16Lightning Protection3kA Lightning Surge Current Waveform 10/350 waveform
20kA Lightning Surge Current Waveform 8/20 waveform
17RoHS ApplicantComplied