Tamagawa Electronics Vietnam


Dual Band Combiner is an antenna duplexer that shares 2 frequencies. The product is designed 1800-2100MHz/2300-2600MHz for GSM/WCDMA/LTE Wireless System. It is equipped 2 output ports and 4 input ports

Connector 4.3-10 female and waterproof function.


Cellular outdoor /Indoor network.

Technical Specification

Port 1,3
Port 2,4
Frequency Band 1710-2170MHz2300-2690MHz
Insertion Loss0.55 dB max
Return Loss15 dB min
Isolation between ports
50dB min
Attenuation at 880-890MHz
50dB min
50Ω All ports
Error Vectored Magnitude(%)
Non applicable
Passive Intermodulation
-155dBc (3rd order with 2x43dBm)
Average Maximum PowerCW 250W
Ports that pass AISG signal
Ports that block AISG signal
ALL of ports

Specs Sheet