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Quadruplexer Combiner is consist of 4 dual duplexer that shares 2 frequencies

The product covers with WCS 2300, IMT 2600 and TDD3600 for LTE/5G Wireless System. It is equipped 2 output ports and 4 input ports, 

RF Connector :4.3-10-Female and waterproof function

This document defines objective specification for a family of 2305-2673MHz / 3400-3600MHz

The purpose of the Product is to combine or separate two frequency bands into or out from a common feeder cable


Cellular outdoor


Technical Specification

  • Frequency : 2305~2673MHz/3400~3600MHz
  • PIMD : -160 dBc (3rd order with 2x20W)
  • Impedance: 50 Ω All ports
  • DC pass
  • Waterproofing Class : IP67
  • RoHS Applicant :Complied
  • RF Connector :4.3-10-Female
  • No of port : Single unit 4 input and 2 output ports, Dual unit 8 input and 4 output ports

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