Tamagawa Electronics Vietnam


Information communication is the vital infrastructure for normal activities of society. In the world of the information communication, high-frequency radio plays an essential role as a key technology.

We are as a leading expert of  high-frequency wireless technology who covers  up to 12GHz  and are expanding the market in the worldwide.

About Us

Abbreviated Name: TMEV
Foundation: 10, APR, 2015
Capital: 520,000 USD
Products: Manufacture of communication equipment
Address: RF No.7, Plot No.H-1, Thang Long Industrial park II, Di Su Ward, My Hao Town, Hung Yen Province, Viet Nam.
Factory : 2278m2


We are Tamagawa Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of the high-frequency wireless technology. has consistently considered the need of high-frequency wireless technology products for always. Our missions are manufacturing products that can meet the needs of society and contributing to the development of information and communication in near future. With currently developed technology and know-how, Tamagawa Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd., acting as a leading expert of inherited high-frequency wireless technology, will continue to contribute to the development of society.

Our designed  products in Vietnam are Combiner, filter, duplexer, coupler, splitter, POI, Hybrid coupler, attenuator, Terminator, which are used in to In-building system, Metro networks, underground , Antenna towers and RF equipment .We cover the frequency from 600MHz to 12GHz, mostly specialized in Combiners ,Filters and POI for wireless telecommunication systems and provide solutions for advanced technologies ,all with high quality, quick delivery, and low cost

Since the foundation in 1968. TAMAGAWA Electronics is a outstanding expert on microwave technology.
We are a leading company on the field of optical-transmission and signal processing.

RF technology

Amplifier for Uplink and Downlink converter ,Phase Locked Oscillator ,High speed switch for Microwave, Millimeter wave RF module (45GHz)

Optical technology

Optical convert covers up to 6GHz with power supply for EMI,EMC test equipment.

Digital technology

FPGA device is embedded on SDR board

Abbreviated Name: TME
Foundation: 1968
Products: Manufacture of communication equipment
Address: 〒252-1113 
3-11-23,Kamitsuchidana-naka, Ayase-city Kanagawa Prefecture,JAPAN.