INDOOR SOLUTION (IBS) IBS product solution provided several RF components , Splitter, Coupler, Duplexer, Attenuator, Terminator and POI. The RF components are set up between BTS and DAS and floor of building. OUTDOOR SOLUTION (BTS) For outdoor BTS application, Combiner or duplexers of GSM/WCDMA/LTE and 5G dual band/ Triple band/Quadband are set up on top Read more about Solution[…]

Product lines

Tamagawa Production line can make new product by Japan control/management/simulation that bring you best products. The more advance technologically on network (e.g., 5G.6G high speed, low latency ), the more  quality and availability of its We propose for 5G up to Sub 6(3.5GHz) band and existing 4G LTE

Short Brief Brochure

We provide products for telecom market to operator in the world. The technology is inherited by Headquarter of Japan. Our designed  products in Vietnam are Combiner, filter, duplexer, coupler, splitter, POI, Hybrid coupler, attenuator, Terminator, which are used in for indoor and outdoor mobile telecom base stations.