Since the foundation in 1968, being the parent company, Tamagawa Electronics Co., Ltd. (in Japan) has consistently considered the need of high-frequency wireless technology products for always. Our missions are manufacturing products that can meet the needs of society and contributing to the development of information and communication in near future. With currently developed technology and know-how, Tamagawa Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd., acting as a leading expert of inherited high-frequency wireless technology, will continue to contribute to the development of society.

The initial frequencies bands for 5G NR in many countries are using 6 GHz FR1 (Found in many scenarios the 3.3-3.8 GHz bands most use). Additional mobile spectrum above 6 GHz called FR2, including the 26-28 GHz bands as millimeter (mm) Wave, It will provide more capacity and low latency compared to the current mobile technologies. The FR2 spectrum and large Bandwidth bring greater capacity will enable more users, more data and faster connections.

Through our comprehensive in-house process from design to manufacturing , we provide solutions for advanced technologies ,all with high quality, quick delivery, and low cost.

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